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One to two pages (proposal) and ten annotated sources (bibliography)75 points*Both parts of the assignment should be in the same document. Submit your draft to the Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Peer Review assignment by 8 AM on Wednesday, October 21st to be assigned a peer review partner.Peer Review Due by 10 PM on: Wed, Oct. 21stFinal Draft Due by 10 PM on: Fri, Oct. 23rdResearch Proposal (25 points)This assignment is designed to help you develop ideas for your final papera synthesis of multiple perspectives on a question at issue in which you take a position and argue for it. You will select a topic you are interested in exploring further, focus on a question at issue, and develop a claim for your paper. For your proposal, write thorough paragraphs in which you (1) discuss the question at issue you will be examining in your synthesis, (2) take a position on the question and make a claim, (3) explain why the question/claim is important to you and to a wider audience, and (4) discuss some of the evidence, support, and alternate viewpoints you intend to discuss in your paper.Annotated Bibliography (50 points)An annotated bibliography is basically a works-cited page that includes summaries of and comments on the sources listed. For this assignment, list ten sources that you plan to use in your argumentative synthesis paper. Format each entry according to MLA guidelines. Your annotations should include the central topic and, if relevant, the scope of the source. However, because you are compiling this bibliography to help you get started on your next writing assignment, you must also mention the significance of the source for your paper. Each annotation should be a short paragraphabout five complete sentences. An annotation for each source typically includes the following:A Works Cited entry in MLA formatThe thesis of the source, summarized in your own words.An explanation of how this source relates to your chosen topic.An explanation of how you plan to use this source in your Synthesis paper.The post Any topic (writer’s choice) first appeared on https://www.supremessay.com.

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